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Rapid Watershed Assessment

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Illinois Rapid Watershed Assessments

Rapid Watershed Assessments (RWA) provide initial estimates of where conservation investments would best address the concerns of landowners, conservation districts, and other community organizations and stakeholders. These assessments help landowners and local leaders set priorities and determine the best actions to achieve their goals.

 Watershed Assessments in Illinois
Watershed Executive Summary/Full Report
Green River
(IL) HUC: 07090007
Total Acres: 722,796
View: Executive Summary
Full Report:
  IL-rwa-greenriver.pdf [PDF, 4.3MB]
Macoupin Creek
(IL) HUC: 0713012
Total Acres: 624,317
View: Executive Summary
Full Report:  IL-rwa_macoupincrk.pdf [PDF, 4.9MB]
Saline River
(IL) HUC: 05140204
Total Acres: 754,942
View: Executive Summary
Full Report:  IL-rwa_saline.pdf [PDF, 6.5MB]
Shoal Creek
(IL) HUC: 07140203
Total Acres: 586,756
View: Executive Summary
Full Report:  IL-rwa_shoalcrk.pdf [PDF, 3.3MB]
Upper Kaskaskia River
(IL) HUC: 07140201
Total Acres: 1,003,387
View: Executive Summary
Full Report:  IL-rwa_uprkaskaskia.pdf [PDF, 3.4MB]
Vermilion River
(IL) HUC: 07130002
Total Acres: 853,606
View: Executive Summary
Full Report:  IL-rwa_vermilionrvr.pdf [PDF, 3.5MB]


For more information contact:

Eric Gerth, Asst. State Conservationist (Programs)
USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service
2118 W. Park Court, Champaign, IL 61821
Phone: 217.353.6628  Fax: 217.353.6676