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National Resources Inventory

2007 National Resource Inventory (NRI)

NRI logoThe National Resources Inventory (NRI) is a statistical survey of natural resource conditions and trends on non-Federal land in the United States. Non-Federal land includes privately owned lands, tribal and trust lands, and lands controlled by state and local governments.

The NRI provides nationally consistent statistical data on erosion resulting from water (sheet & rill) and wind processes on cropland for the period 1982–2007. To assess conservation issues this information must be analyzed in conjunction with other NRI data elements.

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2007 State Report and 2007 Findings
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The 2007 NRI database has been designed for use in detecting significant changes in resource conditions relative to the years 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, and 2007. All comparisons for two points in time should be made using the new 2007 NRI database. Comparisons made using data published for earlier NRIs may produce erroneous results because of changes in statistical estimation methodology and because all data collected prior to 2007 were simultaneously reviewed (edited) as 2007 NRI data were collected. Some edits were needed because of updated technical guidance; when standards are revised they are applied to both the historical data and the newly collected data.

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