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This page is for sharing of shell scripts, amls, binary executables or data.

Documentation is the responsibility of the contributor, proper use of the tools a responsibility of the user.

  • COUNTY BOUNDARY FILE, an Arc export file of county boundaries using USGS 7.5' quadrangles as the source. All other coverages in use are based on 1:100K USGS (TIGER included) or a mixture of 7.5' and 15' source data. This is the best data available to our knowledge, and was completed in-house by Dan.
  • DEM_UTIL2.AML , AML to adjust SDTS DEM data from USGSt o better conform to hypsography.
  • DLGOUT.AML , AML batch to dump dlgs, assumes "fileNumber" naming convention
  • DOCOMMON.AML ,AML for finding common poly lines using ITEM of choice rather than ID. Assumes "fileNumber" naming convention
  • DOSOIL.AML , AML batch to import soil dlgs, assumes "fileNumber" naming convention
  • DOQHEAD,Binary for creating bilw and hdr files from USGS DOQs.( Assumes DOQ has .bil extension)
  • DRG_GRID.SHD,shade file for use with plotdrg.aml
  • EDIT.AML , AML for editing coverages (EDIT.MENU also needed)
  • EDIT.MENU , MENU called by edit.aml (EDIT.AML also needed)
  • FEAT_DLG.AML , AML to export SSURGO Special Features
  • GRASS2ARC.AML , AML to import GRASS files to Arc
  • MLRA (latest), Latest MLRA boundaries
  • NEWDOQ2BIL, Script to build World file and header from new USGS DOQ header format.
  • NEWDOQ2GRASS,Create cellhd file for New DOQ header format
  • PLGR.AML.TAR ,AML for importing GPS data
  • PLOTCONTOUR.AML AML to plot contours from DRG
  • PLOTDRG.AML, AML to plot DRGs.
  • PLOTHYDRO.AML, AML to plot Soils with hydrography
  • PLOTSOIL.AML, AML to plot Soils
  • PROJ.AML  This little tool projects coverage for the common projections encountered in Illinois. The user selects an input cover, picks the input projection from a pick-list, enters an output cover name, selects an output projection from a pick-list, then runs the projection transformation. No error checking for proper file names is in place.
  • QUARTER QUAD BOUNDARY FILE,Arc export file of 3.75' graticule that DOES line up with tics from DOQQs based on NAD83 datum.
  • RAST.TO.BIL, GRASS raster to bil format for import into AV or ARC
  • RELIEF.AML, AML for creating Color shaded relief
  • R.OUT.ASCIIGRID.TAR, GRASS binary to create files for import into GRID
  • SOILCHECK.9.8.97.TAR, A GUI for editing soil polygon data. It is a big beast with many tools and lots of good logic. Worked well for updating St.Clair County. Must have a county boundary coverage named "county" and a quarter quad index coverage named "index" Soils data must have the "soilNumber" naming convention, eg, soil2, soil3, soilN.
  • SURGO_ATTRIBUTE.TAR, Dump SSURGO polygon attributes from arc
  • LINE SETS ,  Plot of Arc/Info linesets in hpgl2 format
  • MARKER SETS,   Plot of Arc/Info marker sets in hpgl2 format
  • SHADE SETS,   Plot of Arc/Info shade sets in hpgl2 format
  • TEXT SET,  Plot of Arc/Info text set in hpgl2 format
  • TRANSECT_DUMP.TAR,AML to dump comma delimited ASCII file, exported from the FieldNotes software on the Pen Computer, into a point shapefile which can be viewed in ArcView. The ASCII file is the transect data which was entered into the FieldNotes