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Range & Pasture

National Range and Pasture Technical Notes

To locate the National Range and Pasture Technical Notes, go to the national edirectives website:  On the menu bar to the left under "Browse by Directive", click on the link 'Technical Notes', then again on 'Title 190 - Ecological Sciences'.  Click on Range and Pasture for the technical notes.

Idaho Range and Pasture Technical Notes

Document Title Size
Range Index   (PDF; 20KB)
Tech. Note 1 Review on Poisonous and Injurious Plants (PDF; 195KB)
Tech. Note 2 Range Nutrition (PDF; 51KB)
Tech. Note 3 Estimating Initial Stocking Rates  (PDF; 1.52MB)
Tech. Note 4 Pounds of Usable Forage to Acres Per Animal (PDF; 71KB)
Tech. Note 5 Proper Use (PDF; 72KB)
Tech. Note 6 English Equivalents of Latin Names of Plants Species (PDF; 143KB)
Tech. Note 7 Fences (PDF; 10KB)
Tech. Note 8 Drought Tips for Rangeland and Pastureland (PDF; 36KB)
Tech. Note 9 Forty Years of Change in a Shadscale Stand in Idaho (PDF; 12KB)
Tech. Note 10 Variability of Crested Wheatgrass Production over 35 years (PDF; 12KB)
Tech. Note 11 Historical Grazing on Public Lands in the Western U. S. and Range Condition (PDF; 227KB)
Tech. Note 12 Correlating Soils with Potential Natural Plant Communities – Let’s Communicate (PDF; 79KB)
Tech. Note 13 Root Growth Stoppage (PDF; 91KB)
Tech. Note 14 Selling Conservation (PDF; 40KB)
Tech. Note 15 Conservation Planning on Range Land (PDF; 243KB)
Tech. Note 16 Collection of Range Site Data (PDF; 35KB)
Tech. Note 17 Breeds of Cattle and Sheep Common to the West (PDF; 146KB)
Tech. Note 18 Sagebrush Seedling Production as Related to Time of Mechanical Eradication (PDF; 41KB)
Tech. Note 20 Sagebrush Palatability Study (PDF; 29KB)
Tech. Note 21 Food Reserves Stored in Roots and Lower Seedstalks of Bluebunch Wheatgrass (PDF; 187KB)
Tech. Note 23 Vegetative and Reproductive Growth of Bluebunch Wheatgrass (PDF; 23KB)
Tech. Note 24 Anti-Quality Factors in Rangeland and Pastureland Forages (PDF; 15KB)
Tech. Note 25 Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health (PDF; 12KB)
Tech. Note 26 Tips in Gaining Acceptance and Building Good Working Relationships with Ranchers and Livestock Farmers (PDF; 76KB)
Tech. Note 27 Effect of 2,4-D on Forbs and Shrubs Associated with Big Sagebrush (PDF; 138KB)
Tech. Note 28 Plans for Constructing Small Portable Exclosures (PDF; 70KB)
Tech. Note 29 Survival and Vigor of Bluebunch Wheatgrass (PDF; 24KB)
Tech. Note 31 Foraging Behavior: Managing to Survive in a World of Change (PDF; 18KB)
Tech. Note 32 Prescribed Burning Tips and Guidelines (PDF; 58KB)
Tech. Note 33 Sampling Procedure Most Commonly Used in Evaluating Range Trend by a Frequency Method (PDF; 258KB)
Tech. Note 34 Plant Vigor Criteria (PDF; 25KB)
Tech. Note 35 Methods for Determining the Crown Canopy of Shrubs and Trees (PDF; 145KB)
Tech. Note 36 Understanding Grass Growth: The Key to Profitable Livestock Production (PDF; 10KB)
Tech. Note 38 Profitable Grazing-Based Dairy Systems (PDF; 13KB)
Tech. Note 39 Water Intake Rates of Cattle (PDF; 95KB)
Tech. Note 44 Grass Tetany (PDF; 25KB)
Tech. Note 49 Composition of Forage in Diets of Yearling Steers in Northwestern Colorado (PDF; 85KB)
Tech. Note 50 Heavy Stocking Lowers Livestock Production on Range (PDF; 19KB)
Tech. Note 51 Chemical Control of Fringed Sagewort and Broom Snakeweed (PDF; 59KB)
Tech. Note 53 Effects of Frequent Clippings at Different Stubble Heights on Western Wheatgrass (PDF; 107KB)
Tech. Note 54 The Influence of Slope Gradient, Distance from Water and Other Factors on Livestock Distribution (PDF; 769KB)
Tech. Note 65 Managing Change – Livestock Grazing on Western Riparian Areas, from U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (PDF; 11KB)
Tech. Note 66 The Silt-Free Reservoir, A More Reliable Impoundment for Providing Drinking Water to Livestock and Wildlife (PDF; 12KB)
Tech. Note 68 Small Plot Rainfall Simulation:  Background and Procedures for Rangeland Hydrology (PDF; 19KB)
Tech. Note 69 Inventorying, Classifying and Correlating Juniper and Pinyon Communities to Soils in Western United States (PDF; 10KB)
Tech. Note 70 Introduction to Microbiotic Crusts (PDF; 11KB)
Tech. Note 71 Riparian Area Management (PDF; 14KB)
Tech. Note 72 Riparian Area Management (PDF; 11KB)
Tech. Note 73 Harvest Efficiency in Prescribed Grazing (PDF; 557KB)


Idaho NRCS Range and Pasture Reference List
National NRCS Range and Pasture