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Idaho Forestry Technical Notes

Document Title Size
Forestry Index   (PDF;
13 KB)
Tech. Note 1 A Primer for Timber Harvesting (PDF; 1.1MB)
Tech. Note 2 Applying Pre-Commercial Thinning on CRP Tree Plantations (PDF; 1.1MB)
Tech. Note 3 Tree Planting Guide for Idaho Private Forestlands (PDF; 2 MB)
Tech. Note 4 Woodland Harvest Cutting (PDF; 79KB)
Tech. Note 5 Definition of Woodland Intermediate Cutting (PDF; 19KB)
Tech. Note 6 Summary of Woodland Harvest Cutting, Woodland Intermediate Cutting and Tips for Improving Stands of Timber (PDF; 21KB)
Tech. Note 7 Three Important Characteristics of Different Forest Trees Growing in Idaho (PDF; 25KB)
Tech. Note 8 Biomass Measurements for Western Conifers (PDF; 14KB)
Tech. Note 9 Pinyon – Juniper Management – WTSC Technical Note Woodland No. 13 (PDF; 648KB)
Tech. Note 11 Biomass Measurements for Western Conifers (PDF; 50KB)
Tech. Note 14 Water Needs of Windbreaks for Trickle Irrigation System Design (PDF; 50KB)


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