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National Biology Technical Notes

To locate the National Biology Technical Notes, go to the national edirectives website:  On the menu bar to the left under "Browse by Directive", click on the link 'Technical Notes', then again on 'Title 190 - Ecological Sciences'.  Click on Biology for the technical notes.

Idaho Biology Technical Notes

Document Title Size
Biology Index January 2017 (PDF; 35 KB)
Tech. Note 1  Pollinators, October 2011 (PDF; 29 KB)
     Attachment for Tech. Note 1 Bee Basics: An Introduction to Our Native Bees (PDF; 1.52 MB)
Tech. Note 2 Idaho Aquaculture Resources, December 2011 (PDF; 36 KB)
Tech. Note 3 Building Wildlife Friendly Fences, June 2012 (PDF; 438 KB)
     Attachment 1 How to Build Fence with Wildlife in Mind (PDF; 3.3 MB)
     Attachment 2 Fencing With Wildlife in Mind (PDF; 188 KB)
     Attachment 3 A Landowner's Guide to Fences and Wildlife (PDF; 4.2 MB)
     Attachment 4 Livestock and Wolves (PDF; 1.2 MB)
Tech. Note 5 Wildlife Food Plots, March 2012 (PDF; 166 KB)
Tech. Note 6 Why Save Endangered Species?, July 2011  (PDF; 18 KB)
Tech. Note 7 Transport of Live Fish, December 2011 (PDF; 21 KB)
     Attachment for Tech. Note 7 The Transport of Live Fish A Review (PDF; 1.79 MB)
Tech. Note 9 Instream Flow Requirements for Trout, March 21, 1975 (PDF; 52 KB)
Tech. Note 10 Biologic (Beaver) Non-Structural Alternative Treatment for Eroding Riparian (Stream) Ecosystem, September 1985 (PDF; 56 KB)
Tech. Note 11  Appraisal of Bass-Bluegill Ponds by Fishing Results, June 22, 1976 (PDF; 34 KB)
Tech. Note 19 Wildlife Habitat Appraisal Guides for Idaho, July 2013   (PDF; 124 KB)
Tech. Note 22 Constructed Wetland Systems, February 1999 (PDF; 57 KB)
Tech. Note 23 Watering Facilities, December 2010 (PDF; 171 KB)
     Attachment 1 for Tech. Note 23   (PDF; 2.84 MB)
     Attachment 2 for Tech. Note 23   (PDF; 340 KB)
Tech. Note 24 Fish Passage Guidelines, April 1999 (PDF; 261 KB)
Tech. Note 25 - REVISED Idaho Interim Functional Assessment for Riverine Wetlands on the Floodplains of Low-to-Moderate Gradient, 2nd or 3rd Order Streams on Fine Textured Substrates, April 1999 (PDF; 563 KB)
Tech. Note 26 - REVISED Idaho Interim Functional Assessment for Low-Gradient Broad Basin, Ground water Fed, Slope Wetlands with Spring Fed Riverine Inclusion, April 1999 (PDF; 829 KB)
Tech. Note 27 Birds in a Sagebrush Sea – Managing Sagebrush Habitats for Bird Communities, August 1999 (PDF; 11 KB)
Tech. Note 28 Bat Conservation International, Inc., November 03, 1999 (PDF; 166 KB)
Tech. Note 29 Stream Visual Assessment Protocol (SVAP), February 6, 2001
SVAP Summary  (PDF; 299 KB)
Stream Visual Assessment Protocol Version 2 (SVAP2) (includes assessment form)  (PDF; 1.30 MB)
(PDF; 28 KB)
Tech. Note 31 National Biology Technical Notes, July 2011 Revision 1 (PDF; 14 KB)
Tech. Note 32 Species Habitat Evaluations, March 2012 (PDF; 11 KB)
     Attachment 1 for Tech Note 32 Species Habitat Evaluation for Greater Sage-grouse in Idaho (XLSX; 36 KB)
     Attachment 2 for Tech Note 32 Species Habitat Evaluation for Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse in Idaho (XLSX; 51 KB)
Tech. Note 33 Open-Topped Pipes: A Hazard to Wildlife - Updated (PDF; 520 KB)
Tech. Note 34 Idaho Pollinator Habitat Assessment Form and Guide (PDF; 37 KB)
Attachment #1 for
Tech Note 34
  (PDF; 9.4 MB)
Attachment #2 for
Tech Note 34
Idaho Pollinator Habitat Evaluation Guide Comprehensive Assessment (XLSX; 42 KB)
Tech Note 35 Beneficial Insect Habitat Assessment Form and Guide (PDF; 37 KB)
     Attachment for Tech Note 35   (PDF; 1.2 MB)
Tech Note 36

Pacific Northwest (PNW) Monarch Butterfly Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Guide (WHEG) PACIFIC NORTHWEST

(PDF; 6.2 MB)
     Attachment for Tech Note 36 Monarch Habitat Evaluation Guide: Pacific Northwest (2.0) (PDF; 71 XLSX)