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Jim Belthoff (left), a Boise State University professor specializing in raptors, discusses with landowner Wendell Holton how to space out artificial burrows for Burrowing Owls and nesting boxes for Barn Owls to reduce competition between the two species.

Lending wildlife a helping hand

When Wendell Holton, the head of Holton Enterprises, approached his local Natural Resource Conservation Service office with concerns about the long-term management and sustainability of his farm he was staying true to his personal mission -- “I am only taking care of this land until it’s the next generation’s turn.”

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Ground breaking ceremony.

Farmers’ Co-Operative Ditch Company’s Regional Conservation Partnership Program project’s keystone practice begins construction

Farmers’ Co-Operative Ditch Company (FCDC) of Parma received $500,000 matching project funds from the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)’s Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) for a project impacting approximately 4,000 acres in the Parma area. RCPP promotes coordination and collaboration between NRCS and its partners to deliver conservation assistance to producers and landowners.

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Rangeland Sage Steppe

Implementing Grazing Management Collaboratively Across All Lands

Livestock grazing on western rangelands, like management for a variety of other resources (e.g. fish and wildlife, recreation, open space, energy development), is dependent on a network of ownerships (state, federal, tribal and private) across the landscape.

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 High Tunnel

Spreading the Word

In early December the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Moscow Field Office collaborated with the University of Idaho Extension to host a half-day Hoop House Workshop for specialty crop farmers and gardeners in the local area who are interested in extending their growing season.

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 Photo credit: Lorie Palmer, Idaho County Free Press

Tips on pasture management after fire, drought - NRCS

This summer has been a particularly long and dry one. On top of that, many have lost their pastures to fire. Your grazing management practices can help buffer the consequences of drought and fire. In order to keep your pastures in good condition and producing the best quality of feed, there are a number of principles to keep in mind.

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Earth Team volunteer Nathaniel Tilley, 15, processes the contents of a germination bag used as part of a Ford Island study at the NRCS Plant Materials Center in Aberdeen, Idaho. Processing the germination bags lets center staff know what seeds sprouted and which did not.

Volunteer makes big impact at Plant Materials Center

Conservation is already a passion for 15-year-old Nathaniel Tilley. As soon as he was eligible to become an Earth Team volunteer, he got his father Derek Tilley, the director of the NRCS Plant Materials Center in Aberdeen, Idaho, to sign him up. Since joining the Earth Team in June of 2015, he has put in more than 130 hours of time despite being a full-time high school student with other extra-curricular activities. In 2016, he has already contributed 76 hours to projects at the Plant Material Center (PMC).

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