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Civil Rights

NRCS Civil Rights Program in Iowa

In Iowa, the Natural Resources Conservation Service staff works closely with USDA Service Center partners, Farm Service Agency and Rural Development, to provide equitable service to all customers and potential customers, and to provide equal opportunities for all employees and potential employees.

Jaia Fischer, Business Services Specialist, is our Civil Rights/EEO Liaison Officer. She can be reached at (515) 284-6655.

Civil Rights Advisory Committee (CRAC)

CRAC members and the Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPMs) help ensure that Federal agencies institute, plan, and take affirmative steps to provide equal opportunity to women and minority applicants and employees in all areas of employment (recruitment, hiring, training, promotions, and awards); and provide a means for women and minorities to communicate their concerns to management.

Iowa NRCS Civil Rights Committee Members
Member Title Location Phone #
Kevin McCall Assistant State Conservationist (FO) Fort Dodge (Chair) (515) 573-4351
Mark Schutt District Conservationist Spirit Lake (Area 1) (712) 336-3782
Jeff Matthias District Conservationist Knoxville (Area 2) (641) 842-5314
Matt Frana & Tom Duvel Soil Conservationist & Soil Conservation Aid Osage & Waukon (Area 3) (641) 732-5504
(563) 568-2069
Melissa Wynn Farm Bill Specialist Red Oak (Area 4) (712) 623-9680
Nichole Baxter Soil Conservationist Oskaloosa (Area 5) (641) 673-3476
Vacant   Des Moines (State Office)  
Clare Lindahl Executive Director, Conservation Districts of Iowa (CDI) Ankeny (SWCS) (515) 758-3880

Special Emphasis Program Managers

Special Emphasis Months

Civil Rights Discrimination Complaint Processes

Special Emphasis Program Upcoming Events


Iowa Civil Rights Advisory Committee Meetings (Iowa SharePoint)

Civil Rights PowerPoint Presentations

The following files require Microsoft PowerPoint. For best results, we recommend downloading the file to your desktop or hard drive. To download, right click on the link, click Save Target As..., name the presentation and save it to a desired location.

Federal Women's Program (PPT, 124 KB)
Who Wants To Be...Women's History (PPT, 285 KB)
Sexual Harassment Presentation (PPT, 190 KB)
Civil Rights and You... (PPT, 4 MB)

PowerPoint presentations from the National Civil Rights Advisory Committee Meeting, August 2005, Wichita, Kansas:

Civil Rights (PPT, 216 KB)
Outreach- What is it? And what is it not? (PPT, 1 MB)
NRCS Tribal Relations - Working Effectively with Tribal Governments (PPT, 1 MB)

Other Civil Rights Information