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National Resources Inventory

The National Resources Inventory (NRI) is a statistical survey of land use and natural resource conditions and trends.

Georgia’s Overall Land Use in 2012*

NRI found that Georgia’s four largest land uses were forest, developed land, cropland, and pasture in 2012.* These four land uses accounted for 88 percent of Georgia’s total surface area of 37,740,500 acres.

Graph of Georgia's Overall Land Use in 2012.

*NOTE: 2012 is the latest release
from NRI. Data is released on a 5 year cycle.
Surface area percentages in broad land use categories in 2012.

Land Use Trends from 1982 to 2012


Graph of the Cropland. Graph of the Developed land.
Cropland Developed Land
Graph of the Pasture land. Graph of the Forest land.
Pasture Forest

Download the Latest Report of Georgia NRI Results:

Georgia’s Land: Its Use and Condition (PDF) (3,306 KB)

Picture of the booklet.

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