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Overview of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act)

The Recovery Act was signed into law by President Obama on February 17, 2009. It is an unprecedented effort to jumpstart our economy, create or save millions of jobs, and put a down payment on addressing long-neglected challenges so our country can thrive in the 21st century. The Act is an extraordinary response to a crisis unlike any since the Great Depression, and includes measures to modernize our nation's infrastructure, enhance energy independence, expand educational opportunities, preserve and improve affordable health care, provide tax relief, and protect those in greatest need.

NRCS Georgia used approximately $3.7 million of ARRA watershed rehabilitation funds to rehabilitate four flood water retarding dams to bring the dams into compliance with current dam safety criteria. The ARRA funds were matched with approximately $2 million of local funds to complete the design and construction for the upgrades to the dams. The upgraded dams area Little Sandy and Trail Creek 1 in Madison County; Marbury Creek 22 in Barrow County; Sandy Creek 15 in Jackson County and South River 4 in Madison County. See fact sheets for details on work accomplished and benefits provided at each dam.

Georgia NRCS also received funding to upgrade Sandy Creek 23 in Jackson County. The design for the upgrade was completed at a total cost of $232,000 (approximately $150,000 ARRA funds and $82,000 local matching funds). The site had to be withdrawn from the program due to land rights issues that arose during the bidding process.

In addition to the ARRA watershed rehabilitation funds, NRCS Georgia also spent over $2.4 million to purchase floodplain easements reducing flood risks and improving stream corridor habitat.

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