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Outreach & Advocacy

Reaching out to Georgia's Under-Served

NRCS is committed to ensuring that its programs and services are accessible to all our customers, fairly and equitably, with emphasis on reaching the underserved and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, and tribes of our state.





Contact: Chris Groskreutz    
  State Public Affairs Specialist    
  355 E. Hancock Ave.    
  Athens, GA 30601    
  Office: 706-546-2272    
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What is Outreach?

Who are Georgia's Under-Served?

EQIP Small Farm/Limited Resource Assistance

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What is Outreach?

Outreach is a way of conducting business to ensure that underserved individuals and groups throughout the United States and its territories are made aware of, understand and have a working knowledge of USDA programs and services. Outreach will ensure that these programs and services are equitable and made accessible to all.

What does Outreach Involve?

  • Identifying the underserved, non-traditional, small scale, limited resource or socially disadvantaged customers.
  • Using clear methods of communication which are most appropriate for the audience.
  • Earning the trust and acceptance of the customers through following up and more follow up.
  • Developing partnerships and working relationships with customers.
  • Utilize Community Based Organizations (CBO) and other groups to identify and reach out to the customers.

Outreach is Not...

  • A new, separate program
  • Civil Rights
  • A minority program

Who are Georgia’s Under-Served?

The NRCS Outreach Division defines underserved customers as:

Individuals and groups who have not participated in or have received limited benefits from USDA or NRCS programs which may improve their quality of life and/or the environment.

Examples of historically under-served or non-traditional farmers include but are not limited to:

  • Farmers and landowners/operators with limited resources
  • Minority groups (including women and individuals that are physically challenged)
  • Small Farmers that farm size less than 10 acres
  • Organic Farmers
  • Farmers with production practices that are different from most farmers in the area
  • Urban Farmers
  • Small Ruminate Farmers, such as Goats
  • Equine Producers
  • Vegetable Farmers
  • Anyone that you have not typically provided a service to in the past.

EQIP Small Farm/Limited Resource Assistance


The purpose of the Small Scale and Limited Resource Farmer assistance is to increase technical assistance and program participation in all NRCS programs through improved outreach efforts to Small Scale and Limited Resource farmers. This assistance is designed to assist those individuals who have historically not participated in or never ranked high enough to receive financial assistance through regular EQIP. Through this outreach initiative, the NRCS will help break potential barriers that might exist and limit participation in USDA programs.

Definitions and Eligibility Criteria:

Small Scale Producer
  • A person who owns/operates a total of 150 acres or less
  • A person who own 40 acres of woodland or less
  • A person with a total adjusted gross income of less than $50,000 for the family
  • Producer must complete Self-Certification Form
Limited Resource Producer
  • A person with gross farm sales not more than $116,800 in each of the previous two years
  • A person with higher of either:
  •   o A total household income at or below the national poverty level for a family of four (Or)
  •   o Less than 50 percent of the county median household income in each of the past two years
  • Producer must utilize on-line tool to Self-Certify
  • Size of farm is not a consideration