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Everglades muck soil

The state of Florida has the largest total acreage of Aquods (wet, sandy soils with an organic-stained subsoil layer) on flatwood landforms in the nation. Myakka (pronounced My-yakah), a Native American word for Big Waters, is a native soil and exclusive to Florida. The most extensive soil in the state, it occurs on more than 1½ million acres. On May 22, 1989, Governor Bob Martinez signed Senate bill number 524 into law, making Myakka Florida’s Official State Soil.

The NRCS state soil scientist has statewide responsibilities including technical soil services to other staffs; assistance to soil survey users in understanding and applying soil survey information; providing soils training to specialists in other disciplines; and coordination and quality assurance of soil information in the field office technical guide (FOTG). The national Soil Science Division is the lead agency for the National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS), a joint effort of federal and state agencies, universities and professional societies. The NCSS delivers science-based soils information to help people be good stewards of the nation’s soil, water and related natural resources.

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