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Conservation Innovation Grants

web bannerConservation Innovation Grants (CIG) stimulate the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies while leveraging federal investment in environmental enhancement and protection in conjunction with agricultural production. Under CIG, Environmental Quality Incentives Program funds are used to award competitive grants to non-federal governmental or nongovernmental organizations, tribes or individuals.

CIG enables NRCS to work with other public and private entities to accelerate technology transfer and adopt promising technologies and approaches to address some of the nation's most pressing natural resource concerns. CIG benefits agricultural producers by providing more options for environmental enhancement and compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

Florida was funded for three projects totaling almost $2 million for 2017:

Pathogen/Nutrient Abatement in Animal Biosolids Using Innovative Plasma Arc Venturi Technology, $431,874
The MagneGas Corporation and Lake Branch Dairy Farm proposes to demonstrate a plasma arc system to convert biowaste liquid into sanitized liquid and clean energy gas products. The system will processes liquid waste into sanitized biosolids for agricultural use to reduce or eliminate the use of lagoon waste collection systems and waste pits under and around animal feeding operations.

Introducing Innovative Conservation Approaches and Technologies Disadvantaged and Veteran Livestock Producers in Florida, $493,500
New North Florida Cooperative Association proposes to link small-scale, underserved farmers with federal conservation programs and alternative market opportunities. The project uses group training sessions, including lectures, field and hands-on activities at demonstration training sites in Florida.

Equitable Access for Sustained Productivity, $985,423
The Conservation Fund proposes to address three traditional barriers for historically underserved and veteran farmers and ranchers—lack of access to capital, agricultural business training and sustainable agriculture methods—to improve the ability of these populations to make a living in agriculture. Among other deliverables, the project will foster a network of community development financial institutions to provide loans and business assistance.

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