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This page is dedicated to featured projects around Delaware that have a direct connection with NRCS' Engineering staff.   The engineers of Delaware NRCS work behind the scenes in the agricultural, hydraulic, civil and conservation fields.  They ensure design specifications are met, structures are built properly, and provide guidance on structures and landscapes, among other responsibilities.   Whether you're a grower looking for specifications for a poultry manure storage shed or a Technical Service Provider looking for guidance on irrigation water management, one thing is for sure.  The information provided by the NRCS engineers nationwide is scientifically-based and available to all.

Be sure to check out our stories below and come back periodically for updates!

Featured Project - Subsurface Drip Irrigation

March 2012

There have been approximately 500 acres of SDI installed in Delaware, and several times that amount is in the planning stage.  In an effort to help guide Delaware farmers on SDI management systems,  James Adkins, Irrigation Engineer with the University of Delaware’s Carvel  Research and Education Center, is piloting the first SDI research farm in the Delmarva region.  With funding from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Delaware Department of Agriculture, and Vincent Farms, Adkins hopes to have science-based answers for Delaware’s growers.   The project’s goal is to increase grower profitability, improve water quality, and provide efficient management of water resources through SDI.

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Subsurface Drip Irrigation - Research Insightful not but Final

October 2012

Full article for Phase II (coming soon)