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Delaware Soils

Delaware Soil Surveys are located in Section II of the Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG), Soil Data Mart and Web Soil Survey.

Soil Survey Staff

The Soils Staff is responsible for all soil information, survey activities and data of USDA/NRCS in Delaware.

Name Position Phone Voicemail Email
Phillip S. King

DE/MD/DC State Soil Scientist
Located at:
1221 College Park Drive, Suite 100
Dover, DE 19904

302-678-4172 302-678-4172
 vacant Assistant State Soil Scientist
Dover, Delaware
vacant Soil Scientist
Georgetown, Delaware


Major Land Resource Area (MLRA) Office #13

The Major Land Resource Area office currently servicing Delaware is located in Morgantown, WV

Delaware State Soil

Greenwich Series - Delaware State Soil. A state soil is represented by a soil series that has special significance to a particular state. Each state in the United States has selected a state soil, many of which have been legislatively established. These "Official State Soils" share the same level of distinction as official state flowers and birds.

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Adobe Acrobat DocumentGreenwich Series - Delaware State Soil  (365 KB)

Additional Soil Information

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