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Connecticut Soils Program

Connecticut's NRCS staff continues to improve soil data and products to meet the needs of current and emerging resource concerns for our customers, partners, and cooperators. Soils information provides the foundation to managing and conserving natural resources. Here are a few highlights:

  • The Soil Survey of the State of Connecticut is the most downloaded soil survey in the country
  • Connecticut and Rhode Island are the only states to have subaqueous soil survey mapping

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Soil Survey of the State of Connecticut

Connecticut's is a modern soil survey, unifying the separate eight county soil legends to a single statewide legend, incorporating current soil taxonomy and standards, addressing land use changes and urbanization, and compiled onto a planimetric orthophoto base. The soils were mapped at a scale of 1:12000, with a minimum size delineation of approximately 3 acres.

The most current soil soil survey information is located on the Web Soil Survey -- a  simple yet powerful way to access and use soil data. The site is updated and maintained online as the single authoritative source of soil survey information.

Copies of the published county soil survey reports dated prior to July 2005 are no longer official soil survey information and should only be used as an historical reference.

Read the Historical Manuscript of the Soil Survey of the State of Connecticut Issued in 2008

Tips and Tricks for Viewing Soil Interpretation Maps and Tables in Web Soil Survey

Soil Survey of the State of Connecticut Interpretations

Soil interpretations provide users of soil survey information with predictions of soil behavior to help in the development of reasonable and effective alternatives for the use and management of soil, water, air, plant, and animal/human resources.

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Technical Soil Services

NRCS staff provides technical assistance to land users and others who are responsible for making decisions and setting policies that influence land use, conservation treatment, and resource management. Technical assistance furnished by NRCS consists of program assistance, planning assistance, application of conservation practices, and assistance in the technical phases of USDA programs. Our soil scientists are dedicated to providing leadership and assistance in all aspects of soil data collection, interpretation, application, presentation, and integration for sound resource management.

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Windsor - Unofficial State Soil of Connecticut


Farmland Protection Policy Act


Glaciated Soil Survey Region SSR-12


International Year of Soils 2015


For more information contact:

Debbie Surabian, State Soil Scientist, (860) 871-4042