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Conservation Technical Assistance

The Conservation Technical Assistance Program (CTA) is a voluntary program that provides technical assistance supported by science-based technology and tools to help people conserve, maintain, and improve their natural resources.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is the Department of Agriculture's principal agency for providing conservation technical assistance to private landowners, conservation districts, tribes, and other organizations through a national network of locally respected, technically skilled, professional conservationists. These conservationists deliver consistent, science-based, site-specific solutions to help private landowners voluntarily conserve, maintain, and improve the Nation's natural resource base. The Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) Program is the foundation of this conservation technical assistance and serves to focus on natural resource issues at the local level that are of local, State, multi-state, and national concern. For more information, visit the NRCS National Website.

State Program

Dawn Jackson
Assistant State Conservationist (Programs)
Denver Federal Center
Building 56, Room 2604
PO Box 25426
Denver, CO  80225-0426
Phone: 720-544-2805