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Nutrient Management

Conservation on Your Land: Nutrient Management

Please answer the following questions related to nutrient management practices for all your lands.

1. Do you use yield goals, soil tests, or tissue tests used to estimate crop nutrient requirements and fertilizer application rates?

2. Do you test soils for P and K? Yes - How often?

3. Do you apply manure? Do you use sampling or UC or other local estimates to match nutrient content of manure and crop needs?

4. Do you split nitrogen applications to two or more?

5. Do you incorporate fertilizer/manure after application?

6. Do you time nitrogen applications to match crop needs, peak crop demand, and periods when leaching potential is low?

7. Is fertilizer banded or otherwise applied directly to plant roots?

8. Do you apply phosphorus?

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Nutrient Management (PDF; 641 KB)