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Success Stories

California Conservation Showcase

See the Faces & Places of California Stewardship Success!

Big and small, thousands of conservation successes are being realized in California each year. Through hard work and ingenuity, Californians are protecting and enhancing our natural resources, improving the land, and making our state a better place to live. And NRCS, in partnership with the Resource Conservation Districts and others, are "Helping People Help the Land" to accomplish these goals.

Though critically important, most of these achievements occur in the background on the landscape, invisible to all but the people involved. So now, take a peek behind the policy and program to meet the Californians working with NRCS to achieve conservation success.

Here are some of our stories, sorted by geographic area, conservation topic and Farm Bill program.

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Success Stories by NRCS Geographic Areas

Success Stories by Conservation Topics

Success Stories by Farm Bill Programs

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Updated: 09/29/2021