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Outreach & Advocacy

Outreach to Underserved Communities


California Outreach GraphicNRCS is committed to ensuring that its programs and services are accessible to all our customers, fairly and equitably, with emphasis on reaching the underserved and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, and tribes of our state.

The California Outreach Team is a group of specialists in communication, planning and resource identification, dedicated to this commitment. The California Outreach Team designs and implements specific outreach activities that allow full participation of traditionally underserved individuals and groups.


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Outreach Coordinators


As conservationists and as an Agency dedicated to helping people help the land, both the land and the people benefit most if our outreach is inclusive. This means we are inclusive of all landowners regardless of their ethnicity, gender or gender preference, location, method of producing food, or any of the other characteristics that define the broadly diverse private landowners we serve in California.

The vision of Outreach California is that we will reach out to and support all customers equally with quality information, technical assistance, conservation planning and access to Farm Bill programs.


Outreach is an integral part of the overall delivery of NRCS programs and services to customers and potential beneficiaries. NRCS will conduct business to ensure that all programs and services are made equally accessible to all customers, with emphasis on the underserved (National Outreach Policy GM_230_406 - Part 406).

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Updated: 09/17/18