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Outreach & Advocacy


Field day hosted at Sundown Ranch.

In July 2008, Tuskegee University hosted a 2nd field day at the Sundown Ranch in Perry County, Alabama.  This field day was a continuation of the Sorghum-Sudan Grass Evaluation using Litter under Irrigation Conditions funded through the Alabama NRCS Conservation Initiative Grant Program


Reaching out to "under-served" communities through partnerships resulting in trust and full participation in all NRCS programs.


The mission of the NRCS Outreach Division is to provide leadership to ensure that all programs and services are made accessible to all NRCS customers, fairly and equitably, with emphasis on reaching the "under-served."

Outreach is an integral part of the overall delivery of NRCS programs and services to customers and potential beneficiaries. NRCS will conduct business to ensure that all programs and services are made accessible to all customers, with emphasis on the underserved.


Outreach in Alabama ensures that programs and services in the state are made accessible to all NRCS customers.  By accomplishing this, we will increase participation and benefits to all under-served and non-traditional customers. 

Alabama NRCS will:

  1. Conduct outreach to serve a diverse clientele;   
  2. Inform and educate existing and potential customers about NRCS and USDA Conservation programs and services;
  3. Provide leadership and guidance to conduct outreach activities and initiatives; 
  4. Engage partners in the outreach process.


Small organic producers meet to discuss marketing.

Small organic producers meet with distributors and outreach partners to discuss marketing opportunities and obstacles.

Additional Information About Outreach in Alabama 

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Success Stories

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Al Hooks Produce Expands Beyond Local Market (8-12)
Hobson City - Expanding Conservation Technologies to Urban Communities (6-12)

Sandra Simone of Huckleberry Hills Farm 2012 Small Farmer of The Year (6-12)
Wiregrass RC&D Hosts a Farmer Workshop (3-12)
Garden Project Unites Hobson City Community (12-11)
DeKalb County Gardener Strives for Organic Certification (10/11)
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Federal Inspection Opens up World of Opportunity for Alabama Producers, Sheep Industry News (NW RC&D)  May 2010
Outreach Meeting Success Story April 2010
Barbara and Roy Shipman - Alabama NRCS Small Farmer of the Year Award 2008, Alabama Cooperative Farming News, April 2009 (Fay Garner, Public Affairs Assistant, NRCS, Auburn, AL)  (text only)
Moses Jones - Alabama Nominee for the 2007 Lloyd Wright Small Farmer Award
Alabama Farmer, Jacob Waddy, Wins National Award
Pick Today and Use Today, (Hooks-Macon Co), Alabama Cooperative Farming News, May 06; Minority Landowner, Spring 2006 (pdf)
Good for Man and Good for the Cows (Johnson, Russell Co), Cooperative Farming News, 11/04; Minority Landowner Winter 2006 (pdf)

Contact Alice Love, Agricultural Liaison/Outreach Officer, (334-887-4550) for more information on the Alabama Outreach Program.