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NRCS is an agency committed to “helping people help the land”—our mission is to provide resources to private landowners to aid them with conservation. Ensuring productive lands in harmony with a healthy environment is our priority.

The majority of privately owned land in Alaska is owned by Alaska Native Corporations. Tribal Conservation Districts can guide conservation decisions and help define conservation priorities and goals.

Tribal Conservation Districts

NRCS Alaska Native - American Indian Poster, 2009

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Forming a Tribal Conservation District Fact Sheet (PDF)

Map of Tribal Conservation Districts (PDF)  

Resolution Examples (PDF)

USDA MOU Template (PDF)
USDA MOU Template (HTML)



Alaska Tribal Conservation Alliance (ATCA)
The Alaska Tribal Conservation Alliance is a multi-tribal organization established March 30, 2011. ATCA includes representatives from the Tyonek Tribal Conservation District (est. 2005 – Tyonek, Alaska), the Asa’carsarmiut Tribal Conservation District (est. 2006 – Mountain Village, Alaska), the Kuigglugmiut Tribal Conservation District (est. 2006 – Kwethluk, Alaska), Nunivak Island Tribal Conservation District (Est. 2011 – Mekoryuk, AK) and the Ahtna Inter-tribal District.

Alaska Tribal Conservation Alliance Website

Alaska Tribal Conservation Alliance Blog

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Indigenous Stewardship Methods and NRCS Conservation Practices Guidebook

Guide to Protecting Southwestern Alaska From Invasive Species in the English and Yup’ik Languages

Advisory Councils

Council for Native American Farming and Ranching (CNAFR)
The United States Department of Agriculture's Council for Native American Farming and Ranching (CNAFR) was created to advise the Secretary on ways to eliminate barriers to participation for Native American Farmers and Ranchers in USDA programs. The Council was established as part of the Keepseagle settlement and is pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), as amended, 5 U.S.C. App. 2.

Angela Sandstol is the Alaska Representative on CNAFR
Angela Sandstol is from Tyonek, Alaska and is a member of the Native Village of Tyonek (Dena'ina). She has experience in working with Tribal Conservation Districts in Alaska and is currently the Executive Director for the Alaska Tribal Conservation Alliance.

Regional Tribal Conservation Advisory Council (RTCAC)
USDA Policy calls for Tribes to establish RTCAC with assistance from NRCS to fulfill NRCS’ trust responsibilities to Tribes under public law and E.O. 13175. These Councils can be instrumental in assisting the Chief, RCs and STCs in strengthening government-to-government relations and clarifying the lines of communication and consultation with Indian Tribes. These Councils will provide an effective means to consult with Indian Tribes regarding national or regional-level program policy and regulations and provide a direct line of communication with Tribes at both the national and regional levels. These councils will also provide a venue for agency leaders to gather input on Tribal issues.


Tribal Liaison/Alaska Native Outreach Coordinator
Kristi Harper, (907) 761-7737

State Conservationist
Robert Jones, (907) 761-7760