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National Water Management Center

The National Water Management Center (NWMC) serves as a focal point for water resources information exchange. It is a production support center for NRCS helping to address water resource problems across the nation by providing leadership, direct assistance, information, and technology for natural resources conservation. The NWMC also provides expertise in and guidance with the application of water resource technologies to assess watershed health and plan watershed-scale solutions.

NWMC responds to internal and external customer-identified needs and/or requests. Emphasis on collaborating with other Federal water resource agencies to collectively support locally led conservation processes.

The NWMC has six major areas in which we provide support and training.

Environmental compliance
Assistance with and guidance in understanding and complying with laws and regulations impacting watershed plans.

Hydrology and hydraulics
Technical support for models and tools that develop water data needed for watershed planning and other water resource applications.

Water quality and quantity
Assistance with addressing ground and surface water issues, from various water resource specialists, including water management and environmental engineers, nutrient management specialists, and watershed planning.

Watershed and dam rehabilitation
Assistance with plan development and reviews to ensure economically an environmentally sound projects.

Technology outreach
Assistance for small-scale and limited-resource farmers to enhance water conservation and sustainable farming.


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