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The Conservation of Private Grazing Land (CPGL) initiative will ensure that technical, educational, and related assistance is provided to those who own private grazing lands. It is not a cost share program. This technical assistance will offer opportunities for: better grazing land management; protecting soil from erosive wind and water; using more energy-efficient ways to produce food and fiber; conserving water; providing habitat for wildlife; sustaining forage and grazing plants; using plants to sequester greenhouse gases and increase soil organic matter; and using grazing lands as a source of biomass energy and raw materials for industrial products.

Conservation of Private Grazing Land Program was authorized by the conservation provisions of the Federal Agricultural Improvement and Reform Act (1996 Farm Bill). The intent of this provision is to provide accelerated technical assistance to owners and managers of grazing land. The purpose is to provide a coordinated technical program to conserve and enhance grazing land resources and provide related benefits to all citizens of the United States. Currently, funds have not been appropriated for this program.

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