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Farming with Beneficial Insects for Pest Control

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Date February 08, 2019
Time 9:00AM-3:30PM
Location Edgerton, WI
Registration Required Yes
Fee Description $25

Farming with Beneficial Insects for Pest Control
Learn science-based pest management strategies to integrate beneficial insects back into cropping systems for natural pest control. Find out how to support these insects that provide pest control, how common farm practices can impact beneficial insects, and how to assess and create farm habitat for beneficial insects. Registration includes Xerces Society book, Farming with Beneficial Insects and relevant USDA-NRCS and extension publications.

Skills & Objectives
The importance of beneficial insects -- predators and parasitoids that attack insect pests.
Overview of 'conservation biological control' and integrated pest management (IPM).
Become familiar with the most common beneficial insect groups.
How to recognize the habitat needs of beneficial insects and identify habitat deficiencies.
Planning for habitat improvements -- site prep, insectary plantings, hedgerows, beetle banks...
Best management practices to minimize potential negative impacts of farm practices on predators, parasitoids, and pollinators.
USDA conservation programs -- technical and financial assistance to enhance diversity on farms.

Please bring a sack lunch and refillable water bottle. Coffee/tea and snacks provided.

To register, go to

For more information, please contact: Emily Halapatz, (608) 241-9744