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October 2021
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How to Balance Animal Performance, Mitigate Drought Risk, and Grow More Grass

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Date October 07, 2021   -   October 08, 2021
Location Denton, TX
Registration Required Yes
Fee Description

Advanced Grazing Workshop: How to Balance Animal Performance, Mitigate Drought Risk, and Grow More Grass

by Holistic Management International

Early Bird Pricing: $280, when purchased before September 8, 2021

Scholarship Deadline:Sept 23, 2021

Regular Registration Deadline: Oct 1, 2021

Wayne Knight will present a 2-day boots-on-the-ground grazing workshop at the Leo Ranch in Decatur, TX on the 7th & 8th of October. Learn to read what your animals can tell you about their interaction with the land so you can plan and manage to reduce your risk and stress and make a profit.

Topics will include:

Establishing the priorities – a case for low-cost, low-risk ranching
The importance of ecosystem health and key monitoring to ensure results
Identifying risks and how to manage, monitor, and correct deviations from the plan
Steps to accelerate your learning with certainty and confidence
Determining optimal plant recovery times for your land
Identifying, managing, and monitoring key indicators – animal production, ecosystem function, and quality of life
Financial considerations and decisions for healthy profits
Considering risk, stress, and quality of life in production decisions
Takeaway actions for you to implement on your ranch

The workshop content integrates 3 essential areas of grazing management, together with the essential “How To” steps of the process: Forage Utilization, Animal Performance and Environmental Health.

Wayne Knight – Interim Executive Director and Certified Educator, HMI 
With 27 years of ranching experience using Holistic Management, Wayne has had an identity crisis. When he joined the 11,000-acre family ranching business he called himself a cattle rancher. He changed to calling himself a grass farmer. Later still, he called himself a soil-microbe farmer, though he has always marketed beef. Privileged to work with his father, Tom Knight, who was an early adopter of Holistic Management under Allan Savory – Stan Parsons consulting, Wayne enthusiastically increased and intensified the practices HMI teaches. He became a Certified Educator in 2006 and was actively involved with the Southern African Certified Educator community organization, Community Dynamics. He has spoken at numerous conferences in Southern Africa, trained and mentored farmers, hosted open days on his property, and has written about his positive results using Holistic Management. Before joining the team at HMI Wayne served as a board member of the organization for 8 years. Through his enthusiasm for Holistic Management, Wayne has traveled widely visiting farmers who practice high-density, long recovery grazing practices in Southern Africa, Australia, and the US. As a young graduate with a Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Natal, South Africa, he traveled across the US west working on ranches in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, California, and New Mexico. When not involved in Holistic Management you will find him fishing, birding, hiking, or exploring wild spaces and places with his family. An enthusiastic traveler, hunter, and photographer, he loves discovering new places and making new friends.