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October 2020
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Regenerate: Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

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Date October 26, 2020   -   November 20, 2020
Location Virtual
Registration Required Yes

In January 2020, the world fundamentally changed, and we all now navigate our lives knowing that the food, agriculture, and healthcare systems we previously engaged in do not have the flexibility to bounce back from rapid and dramatic shifts. We recognize the challenges this presents for food production and land stewardship. For some farmers and ranchers, these shifts have flooded direct-to-consumer markets. For others, paths to selling what they produce evaporated overnight. Some can’t hire the labor they need, while others have had to lay off long-time and valued employees in order to stay afloat. Some have more time to focus on building soil and monitoring ecological change, while others can no longer afford the best laid plans for transition to regenerative methods.

While many would like to think we will return to some state that existed before 2020, we believe that we have entered a changed world where we must rise to the challenge of planning and acting for resilience. This is the focus of 2020 REGENERATE.


2020 Conference Registration is OPEN!

Virtual, Interactive Events Oct 26 - Nov 20, 2020

The Quivira Coalition, Holistic Management International, and the American Grassfed Association collaborate each year to convene a diverse group of ranchers, farmers, conservationists, land managers, scientists, medical professionals, nutritionists, students, educators, and others to share knowledge, build community, and create a culture of resilience and regeneration. 

This year we will host an online, month-long series of plenary presentations, roundtable discussions, and practical workshops to collectively imagine and define a path for Resilience in Times of Uncertainty.


Learn more and register here.