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July 2020
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Mixed & Short-Grass Kansas Range School

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Date August 04, 2020   -   August 06, 2020
Location Ringneck Ranch near Tipton, KS
Registration Required Yes

The West or Mixed & Short Grass School is scheduled for August 4-6 at Ringneck Ranch near Tipton, KS, for directions Google “Ringneck Ranch Pheasant Hunting”. The East or Tallgrass School is scheduled for August 18-20 at Camp Wood YMCA near Elmdale, KS.

The theme for both schools this year is “Ranching with a Clear Vision”. There will be rancher and expert panels that will talk about how to plan for all the myriad of ways that weather, markets and other forces, like Covid 19, can change your plans for your ranch in this and every year so you can focus on caring for your greatest ranching asset, your native grasslands.

Besides learning plant identification, figuring stocking rates, monitoring vegetation response, Estimating Forage Allocation and the rest of basics needed to manage your rangeland, there will be ranchers and natural resource professionals from NRCS and other organizations talking with you about how to plan long term for whatever nature or market forces bring to your ranching enterprise and how to respond to keep your rangeland health high and your livestock productive.

For registration and cost information, go to KGLC website.

Additional Documents

For more information, please contact: Barth Crouch, 785-452-0780