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October 2017
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Kansas Range Schools-Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition

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Date August 08, 2017   -   August 10, 2017
Location East and West locations-see details
Registration Required Yes
Fee Description see KGLC brochure

The theme for both schools this year is “Building Community Resilience and Strength for Successful Ranching”.

There will be rancher and expert panels that will talk about how to build the communities you depend on to be a successful rancher, including the community of vegetation found on your grasslands, the community of neighbors and friends that help with operations and ideas as well as specialized communities such as Prescribed Burn Associations or No Till groups that help you manage your resources both economically and ecologically.

You can register at for the schools which cost $350 per student which covers room, board and tuition for the 2 ½ day schools. Scholarships of $175 are available for most ranchers and eligible college students while scholarships of $125 are available for most natural resource agency personnel.

The West or Mid & Short Grass School is scheduled for August 8-10 at Camp Lakeside at Scott County State Lake and at The Nature Conservancy’s Smoky Valley Ranch.

The East or Tallgrass School is scheduled for August 22-24 at Camp Wood YMCA near Elmdale, KS.

For more information, please contact: Barth Crouch, 785.452.0780