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February 2019
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2019 Organic Webinars

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Date March 05, 2019   -   December 03, 2019
Location Webinars
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All webinars are scheduled for 12 p.m. PT / 3 p.m. ET

Webinars are free, open to all and brought to you by Oregon Tilth and the NRCS Science and Technology Training Library.

Join webinars at live or use the search term “organic” to listen to archived recorded webinars.

Equipment for Mechanical Cultivation March 5, 2019
Weed management is often cited as the top production challenge in organic systems and weeds are frequently managed with disturbance. This webinar will be a virtual field day looking at new equipment that has less soil disturbance.

Benefits of Intercropping in Organic Systems April 2, 2019
Intercropping can reduce tillage, increase opportunities to include cover crops in a rotation and can help with pest management. This webinar will explore the opportunities and challenges associated with intercropping in organic production.

Organic Specialty Fertilizers June 4, 2019
What are they and where are they from. Explore the different mate-rials (feather meal, guano, blood meal, etc) and discuss sustainability of the different choices. (have done previous ones on general nutrient management, but those have focused more on manure, compost). This will focus on the specialty products.

Water Conservation in Organic Production October 1, 2019
This webinar will explore how organic producers can avoid contamination from irrigation sources and how organic producers can better conserve water (impact of organic requirement to conserve natural resources).

Organic Hop Production December 3, 2019
This webinar will discuss the basics of organic hop production along with the conservation challenges and opportunities in the system.

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