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January 2021
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Conversations on Soil Health #10 - Soil Health Division

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Date January 21, 2021
Time 10:00-11:30 AM (Pacific)
Location Webinar
Registration Required No
Fee Description Free

Please join us for our 10th Conversation on Soil Health, hosted by the NRCS Soil Health Division. 

Selected NRCS field office employees (District Conservations, Area Agronomists, Resource Conservationist ) from around the nation will share their soil health journey and how they have increased adoption in their areas. New to the Soil Health Division Dr. Rachel Seman-Varner will introduce herself and share soil health insights with us.

The series is intended to help conservation planners gain ideas from across the country that can be implemented locally:  approaches to taking soil health to the next level in their area, engaging farmers and partners, problem solving, and continuing to find solutions that lead to increased adoption of soil health management systems. We will introduce the session's topic through speakers sharing their experience, and then will open the floor to the audience for questions and discussion. 

The speakers will share with the audience how they have worked to set up producer workshops, field days, producer outreach and their own journey as they have developed passion for soil health.  All of us, producers included, are learning that soil health is a journey not a destination.  As we work with innovative producers who implement the principles of soil health in new ways, a lot of excitement and new passion is growing in farming communities. 

You can join the meeting on Teams here. ​