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Archived FY 2014 Tools & Data

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Water Quality - AFO/CAFO Account
In Wyoming, EQIP funds will be focused to help producers who want to make changes in their livestock waste management systems. These funds will assist producers with Animal Feeding Operation/Confined Animal Feeding Operation (AFO/CAFO) regulations and supports the national priority of reducing non-point source pollution.

State Energy Account
This account provides producers an opportunity to convert existing systems on their farm or ranch to a more energy efficient operation (conservation tillage, solar water systems, pumping plant, etc.) or to install an alternative energy source when considering new systems. It also provides opportunity to encourage landowners with expiring Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres to maintain the land in permanent vegetation by establishing a sustainable grazing system with water and fencing.

State Wildlife/Wetland Account
Producers interested in addressing wetland and/or upland habitat resource concerns may apply for these funds. Projects may include wetland restoration or enhancement and/or enhancement of upland shrub plant communities.

State Streambank-Riparian Account
This account provides an opportunity for participants to treat erosion or degradation along streams and enhance riparian habitat for aquatic species.

State Forestry Account
This account provides an opportunity to improve forest health through treatment of Mountain Pine Beetle; completing commercial thinning projects or Aspen regeneration. A Forest Management Plan will be developed for these projects.

State Invasive Species - Russian Olive/Salt Cedar Account
This account provides assistance for projects to treat Russian Olive and Salt Cedar encroachment along stream corridors.

State Livestock Protection – Off Stream Structures Account
This account will allow participants to install fabricated windbreak structures to protect riparian areas from grazing which will improve water quality.

State Soil Health Account
This account will allow participants to increase diversity of crop rotation, implement precision agriculture techniques or convert irrigated fields to dryland.

FY 2014 Wyoming Practice Payment Rate and Guideline Sheet for Eligible Conservation Practices (PDF, 341 KB)