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Success Stories

Vermont's Success Stories

Jerry Butler of Cedar Hill Farm stands with his heifers


Vermont Landowners and Operators Achieve Success with NRCS

Read about how all types of landowners and operators in Vermont have benefited from NRCS programs and technical assistance by visiting the Vermont Landowners Achieve Success with NRCS web page.

Guy Choinere with a calf on his farm in Highgate, Vermont


Vermont Featured Success Story Farms

Learn more about farmers in Vermont who have successfully implemented conservation programs on the Vermont Success Story Farms web page.

Vermont agriculture partner group visits Pomainville's Wetland Reserve Program site

Vermont Agricultural Partner Success Stories

As partners in conservation, federal, sate, and nonprofit groups that comprise our conservation partnerships share their unique areas of expertise and conservation work to put more conservation on the land. Read about how these groups work collaboratively together on the Vermont Agricultural Partner Success Stories web page.

Bob Thompson of NRCS and Cheryl Ducharme of RD pose with Senator Bernie Sanders for a picture after the two won an award for their work with methane digesters

NRCS Employee and Volunteer Success Stories

NRCS employees and volunteers are passionate about conserving, maintaining, and improving natural resources and the environment. Peruse a collection of stories that demonstrate the dedication of these individuals on the Vermont NRCS Employee and Volunteer Success Stories web page.