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Survival Guide

Tools for Soil Health Education and Outreach

Rainfall Simulator

This innovative soil health demonstration graphically illustrates the runoff, infiltration, and erosion processes. NRCS Agronomists Chris Lawrence and J.B. Daniel have performed this demonstration at various meetings, conferences, and events around the state.

Now, everyone can view/use video of the rainfall simulator in action through our Gaining Ground cropland and grazing videos.

J.B. Daniel demonstrates soil health concepts with a root box.

Root Box

This visual aid helps to illustrate the core soil health concept that the above-ground plant, its roots in the soil, and the soil itself function as inseparable parts of one unit.

Root-viewing box fabrication instructions (pdf, 568 KB)

  Videos (Cropland and Grazing Land)
Cropland Videos

Common Ground Soil Stories (Check out other Potomac Vegetable Farm spotlights on our YouTube channel.)

Grazing Videos