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Virginia Tribal Summit

Tribal SummitMarch 16-17, 2022

Day One

Session One Recording: Facilitator Welcome, Tribal Prayer, Opening Remarks, Virginia Tribal Panel Discussion

Session Two Recording: Successful Tribal Collaborations Across the Country (presentations provided below)

Session Three Recording: The True Costs of Invasive Species, Re-establishing Native Plants on Tribal Lands

Session Four Recording: Shoreline Erosion Protection and Growing Freshwater Mussels for Improved Water Quality

Day Two

Session One Recording: Welcome, Day One Recap and Tribal Prayer, USDA Resources for Tribal Members and Governments

Session Two Recording: DCR Land Conservation Resources for Tribal Members and Governments, Forest Management - Land of Many Uses

Session Three Recording: Potential Opportunities for Bringing Broadband to Tribal Lands

Session Four Recording (presentations provided below)

Tribal Summit Resource Guide (pdf, 6.3 MB)