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New Customer Welcome Packet

New Customer Welcome Packet


Welcome! The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a federal agency within the Department of Agriculture (USDA) whose primary mission is to help protect and improve natural resources on private working lands.

NRCS “helps people help the land” by providing technical assistance to help land managers address resource concerns related to water quality, grazing land health, soil erosion, wildlife habitat and forest health. NRCS also provides financial assistance to help agricultural and forestry producers voluntarily implement conservation practices on private lands.

How to Get Started: 

  1. Review the contents of this packet.
  2. Call your local NRCS office to discuss your land, goals, and natural resource concerns.
  3. Complete form AD-2047 with an NRCS planner
  4. Schedule a site visit with an NRCS conservation planner
  5. Finalize your conservation plan with an NRCS conservation planner
  6. Discuss how USDA programs can be used to implement your conservation plan

This Packet Includes:

*Viewing PDF documents requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Working with Utah NRCS

Working with Utah NRCS (PDF)

A step-by-step guide to the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

UT NRCS Conservation Compliance Conservation Compliance (PDF)

Get the basics on ensuring your land complies with wetlands and highly erodible land guidance before installing conservation practices with NRCS.
FarmersGov Portal Fact Sheet Manage Your Application online at (PDF)

The secure portal allows you the option to submit application paperwork digitally. Save time and paper!
UT NRCS Historically Underserved Historically Underserved Producers (PDF)

Find out if you qualify for additional incentives if you belong to one of these 4 categories.
How EQIP Works

How EQIP Works (PDF)

A step-by-step guide to the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

UT NRCS Is CSP Right for Me?

Is CSP right For Me?

A step-by-step guide to the Conservation Stewardship Program.

UT NRCS Advanced Payment EQIP EQIP Advance Payments (PDF)

If you qualify as a historically underserved producer, you are eligible for advance payments to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.