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Soil Health Profiles

Soil Health ProfileJonathan Cobb

TX producer changes his mind about leaving the farm after soil health workshop

Soil Health Profile:  Jonathan Cobb, printable copy (1.80 MB)

Watch the video, Part 1 (8:18), Part 2 (6:53)

Soil Health Profile Donnie Dippel Managing herd below ground improves production above it for Texas beef producer

Soil Health Profile: Donnie Dippel, printable copy (00 MB)

Watch the video (6:00)

Soil Health Profile Zach Yanta

A ‘better way’ breathes new life into soil, Texas farm’s future

Soil Health Profile: Zach Yanta , printable copy (00 MB)

Watch the video (7:48)

Soil Health Profile Pete Mutz

Hope underground: Texas farmer invests in silent, soil partners

Soil Health Profile: Pete Mutz , printable copy (00 MB)

Watch the video (4:39)