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NASIS Release Notes

NASIS Client Version 7.0.3 - SVN Rev. No. 11755

  1. A new module called Forms has been added to provide customized data entry forms in NASIS. A user guide for the Forms module is available from the NASIS Training Materials page at

  2. NASIS 7.0 includes an upgrade of the local database to SQL Server Express 2012, which should improve performance.

  3. The locations of files that NASIS stores on the local machine have changed:
    • The logs and temporary files are in C:\ProgramData\USDA\NASIS
    • The user configuration file and the table and form layouts are in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\USDA_NRCS\NasisEditor.exe_StrongName_1cgvyalatbzafsx45oqj3ro3xrxgi3fe\

Issues Fixed in NASIS Client Version 7.0.3 - SVN Rev. No. 11713

  1. When running a report that requires an interpretation to be selected, the choice list did not show whether the rule was ready to use. (#224737)

  2. In a report that displays subrules in separate columns, the data would sometimes appear in the wrong column. This was fixed by adding a SORT option to the INTERPRET statement for reports. (#229814)

  3. Spreadsheet import could not handle a table whose parent table is listed more than once in the XML specification. This has been corrected so that the child table will be matched to the parent data that appears in the same row of the spreadsheet. (#512341)

  4. In the Series Selection dialog (for the Component or Pedon table) NASIS would crash if an entry was deleted from the Mineralogy or Taxonomic Family list. (#520039)

  5. When entering parameters for running a query, if unacceptable data was entered there would be a red error icon displayed but no error message. Now the error message appears when the mouse is moved over the error icon.  (#520089)

Issues Fixed in NASIS Client Version 7.0.3 Update - SVN Rev. No. 11751

  1. Data displayed in a form is not removed when the selected set is cleared (#521426)

Issues Fixed in NASIS Client Version 7.0.3 Update - SVN Rev. No. 11755

  1. When selecting a series for a Component or Pedon, if the selected series contains a Human Artifacts class the selection cannot be saved. (#539680)

  2. When editing a form that contains child tables, if you delete the parent table NASIS could crash. (#532141)

  3. When entering data in a form that has Low-RV-High fields and incorrect data is entered (values not in order) there will be error flags on the fields with errors. When the error is corrected, not all the error flags get cleared (#524460)

  4. The data in a form becomes non-editable after changing the form layout. (#524437)