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Technical Soil Services Handbook (TSSH)

The Technical Soil Services Handbook is a subdivision of the NRCS directives system. The handbook provides operational and procedural policy and guidance for technical soil services within NRCS. Staff of the Soils Division are primary authors of this handbook. A major responsibility of Technical Soil Services within NRCS is to assist users with understanding and properly using the soil survey and to provide users with predictions and interpretations about the behavior of each kind of soil mapped or identified under defined situations.

Recommended Citation:

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service. Technical Soil Services Handbook. Available online. Accessed [month/day/year].

Table of Contents

Note: Unlisted parts are reserved.

General (Parts 600 to 608)

Technical Policy and Program Services (Parts 609 to 615)

Planning Services (Parts 616 to 628)

Site-Specific Soil Investigations, Testing, Interpretation, and Evaluation (Parts 629 to 634)

Expert Services for Judicial Requests (Parts 635 to 636)

Informational Services (Parts 637 to 640)

Download the TSSH

Microsoft Word documents are available for download by clicking here.