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Soil Health Literature

The Science Behind Healthy Soil

The information in the Soil Health Literature files offered below is compiled from peer-reviewed papers relating to the impact of conservation practices on soil physical and chemical properties important for soil health, as summarized by our soil health specialists. Please note that the peer-reviewed papers and conservation practices included are not exhaustive and will be added to periodically. While the literature review currently primarily focuses on soil physical and chemical properties and cropland, soil biological properties and economics and other land uses will be included in future revisions.

"The Science Behind Healthy Soil: NRCS' Soil Health Literature Review Project" webinar, presented January 13, 2015, is available on-demand.

USDA employees and others with USDA Active Directory accounts have full access to reprints of peer-reviewed papers and the interactive database matrix, summaries, and citations at the Science, Soils, & Technology for Soil Health SharePoint (employee intranet).

Contact Mike Kucera, Agronomist, National Soil Survey Center, for more information.

Soil Health Literature