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Soil Health Contacts

NRCS Soil Health Division

Over the last decades the critical importance of applying principles of soil biology and interactions between soil biological, physical, and chemical processes toward system-based soil health management, has gained significant recognition and understanding. Improving soil health on our nation’s agricultural lands will allow farmers and ranchers to simultaneously improve water quality, increase soil water availability, enhance resilience to extreme weather, enhance nutrient cycling, increase carbon sequestration, provide wildlife habitat (including pollinators), enhance rural economic opportunity, and meet the food production needs of a rapidly growing population on a shrinking available land base. Efforts to improve soil health will thus provide significant return on the nation’s conservation investment.

In 2014, this recognition and demand from stakeholders led to the initiation of the new NRCS Soil Health Division, which is currently being stood up. The purpose of the new Soil Health Division is to incentivize and facilitate producers in implementing science-based, effective, economically viable soil health management systems on the nation’s diverse agricultural lands, in collaboration with partner organizations. Key goals of the Soil Health Division include providing advanced training to diverse audiences, and facilitating soil health assessment, farm/ranch scale soil health management planning adapted to local conditions, and assistance for on-the-ground implementation of soil health management systems.

Name, Title Office Phone Cell Phone
Bianca Moebius-Clune, Director 202-205-7712 202-763-9205
Diane Stott, National Soil Health Specialist   765-246-1167
USDA NRCS, Soil Health Division
1400 Independence Ave, SW
Room 6152-S
Washington, DC 20250

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