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Dynamic Soil Survey Team

Digital Soil Survey photo.Overview

The Soil and Plant Science Division (SPSD) currently provides aggregated soil survey products to customers for use in land and conservation planning. SPSD recognizes the need for enhanced soils information for current and future customer needs. Dynamic Soil Survey (DSS) is an evolving approach to soil survey that will incorporate recent and long-standing advances in pedology, ecology, and hydrology with improvements in digital technology.

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  • To capture and visualize the variability and diversity of the soil landscape, as affected by management and land use encompassing area, depth, time and hydrology, or other temporal soil properties.
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  • North Woodstock, NH (Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest)
    St. Johnsbury MLRA office has completed the first draft of the digital soil map. Soil Plant Science Division and U.S. Forest Service have an interagency agreement to have a post doc working on Hubbard Brook and Coweta.
  • Otto, North Carolina (Coweeta Experimental Forest)
    Waynesville MLRA office is collecting data for the digital soil map.
  • Clay Center Kansas (Kansas NRCS Staff and Kansas State University)
    SPSD staff are working in Clay County KS on a site for agricultural production.
  • El Reno Ok, Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
    Discussion has begun with the ARS staff at El Reno Oklahoma on possible site selection for agricultural production.
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Meeting Notes from July 19, 2021 (PDF; 48 KB)

Meeting Notes from June 15, 2021 (PDF; 49 KB)

Meeting Notes from March 22, 2021 (PDF; 85 KB)

Meeting Notes from January 26, 2021 (PDF; 47 KB)

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Chad Remley, North Central Region Director, Salina, Kansas

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  • Kevin Norwood, Soil Survey Region 10 & 11 Director, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Skye Wills, National Leader for Soil Science Research, NSSC, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Suzann Kienast-Brown, Soil Scientist (National GIS Specialist), NSSC-GRU, Bozeman, Montana