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Outreach Team


Leadership created the Outreach Focus Team to review the current status of our efforts to increase public awareness on the importance of understanding soils and in the appropriate use of our soils databases and information resources.

Outreach Team main photo.
Outreach Team Charges button.
  • Identify internal and external audiences
  • Identify specific needs for audiences
  • Identify venues SSD should attend
  • Develop newsletters or similar media outreach beyond weekly update
  • Work with other teams to establish coherent, consistent, and current webpages
  • Develop displays, handouts, fact sheets, etc. for multiple types of venues
  • Develop an outreach cadre
Outreach Team Reports button.

Recommendations — December 2016 (PDF; 393 KB)

Developing Fact Sheets and Review Checklist — Soil Science Division (PDF; 911 KB)

Outreach Team Contact button.

Paul Reich, Geographer, Beltsville, Maryland

Outreach Team Members button.
  • Tammy Cheever, Information Technology Specialist, NSSC, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Rebecca Fox, Soil Scientist, Paul Smiths, New York
  • Linda Greene, Public Affairs Specialist, NSSC, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Mabel Kenyon, Management Analyst, Washington DC
  • Carla Rebernak, Soil Scientist, Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Susan Southard, Soil Scientist, Davis, California
  • Tammy Umholtz, Visual Information Specialist, NSSC, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Kristina Wiley, Editor, Amherst, Massachusetts


Map of exhibit opportunities for 2018.

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