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Urban Soils Team


The Urban Soils Team was created to address topics relevant to soils in the urban environment. Team members are experienced urban soil mappers and bring together a diverse perspective of urban soil issues from cities with various mapping needs and historical backgrounds.

Main photo for the Urban Soils Team.
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  • Coordinate urban activities across division (procedures, equipment, safety)
  • Identify training needs
  • Identify needs to update standards – propose solutions
  • Identify needs to update taxonomy – propose solutions
  • Assemble existing data
  • Identify gaps
  • Work with BOA and MGT to provide guidance on priority areas
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Richard Shaw, State Soil Scientist, Somerset, New Jersey
Randy Riddle, MLRA Soil Scientist, Oxnard, California

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  • Eric Gano, MLRA Soil Scientist, Flint, Michigan
  • Jacob Isleib, MLRA Soil Scientist, Tolland, Connecticut
  • Kristine Ryan, MLRA Soil Scientist, Aurora, Illinois
  • Kenny Hall, Soil Scientist, Rosenburg, Texas