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Dynamic Soil Properties Team

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  • Identify gaps in soils data in database
  • Propose methods for collecting soil biology data
  • Collaborate with Research Team to see if SSD needs to develop a soil biology research program
  • Assist in development of high-level business requirements (HLBR) for upgrading existing database
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Mike Robotham, National Leader, Tech. Soil Services, NSSC, Washington, DC
Mark Abney, Assistant State Soil Scientist, Clinton, Missouri

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  • Rick Bednarek, State Soil Scientist, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Nathan Haile, Soil Health Specialist, Temple, Texas
  • Jim Komar, State Soil Scientist, Reno, Nevada
  • Dr. Randy Miles, Professor, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
  • Jennifer Moore-Kucera, Regional Soil Health Specialist, Portland, Oregon
  • Kevin Norwood, SSR 11 Regional Director, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Chad Remley, SSR 5 Regional Director, Salina, Kansas
  • Skye Wills, Research Soil Scientist, NSSC, Lincoln, Nebraska