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Dynamic Soil Properties Team


Dynamic soil properties (DSPs) are soil properties that change with natural and anthropogenic disturbances and stressors including agricultural and wildland management. DSPs are indicators of soil function and soil change. Information about how soils change due to management and how those changes impact soil functions are crucial to sustainable soil management on all kinds of lands.

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Michael Robotham, National Soil Scientist, SPSD, Washington, DC

  Poster from the 2019 NCSS National Conference.
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  • Identify DSP data needs
  • Develop standards for DSP, soil health, and soil biology data collection
  • Assist with research into new DSP methods
  • Integrate DSP information into corporate databases
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Collecting range soil samples in South Dakota.Fact Sheets


Chapter 9. Soil Survey Manual

Soil Change Guide

National Instruction (under development)

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Soil Survey DSP Projects

Science of Soil Health (#DSPs4SH) Initiative (under development)

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Soil Survey Data

Science of Soil Heath Data (under development)

  • A project to assess the usefulness and repeatability of proposed Soil Health metrics across regions, crops and soils with cooperator agreements

Science of Soil Health (click on the poster for a full screen view).