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Soil Survey Regional Offices (SSRs)


At the Soil Survey Regional Offices (SSRs), the Soil Survey Regional Directors are responsible for: leadership in the production and quality assurance of soil survey information; planning and management of the soil survey program including maintenance of soil survey status and progress data; technical supervision of Soil Survey Project offices in the MLRA; classification, interpretation, correlation, and joining of soils within and between MLRAs; coordination and maintenance of soil series and soil property databases; providing soil survey database training to project offices; quality assurance of soil survey technical reports and maps submitted for printing; editing, formatting, proofreading, and reviewing text for soil survey technical reports; quality assurance of Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) database and maintenance of State Soil Geographic (STATSGO) database and major land resource areas; maintenance of official series description file and soil classification file; planning and initiating soil survey investigations; and collection, analysis and interpretation of soil performance and characterization data.