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Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning

South Dakota (SD) Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning

A comprehensive nutrient management plan (CNMP) is a resource management system that addresses the resource concerns associated with a manure management system and all the land where the manure will be applied.  A properly planned CNMP will address the following six elements.

1.     Background & Site Information
2.     Manure and Wastewater Handling and Storage
3.     Farmstead Safety & Security
4.     Land Treatment Practices
5.     Soil & Risk Assessment Analysis
6.     Nutrient Management
7.     Feed Management
8.     Other Manure and Wastewater Utilization Options
9.     Recordkeeping Forms
10.   References

SD Agricultural Nutrient Management Team

NRCS Agricultural Nutrient Management Team (Agronomic) 1820 North Kimball St.
Mitchell, SD  57301
(605) 996-1564 Ext. 5
John Lentz, Resource Conservationist
Jason Gilb, Conservation Agronomist
Lewis Meisel, Civil Engineering Technician
NRCS Agricultural Nutrient Management Team (Engineering) 520 3rd Avenue
Brookings, SD  57006
(605) 692-2344 Ext. 3
Joy Cordier Jensen, Civil Engineer
Justin Bonnema, Agricultural Engineer

 Agency Links

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts (SDACD)
South Dakota State University/Cooperative Extension Service