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South Dakota Soil Health

The health of a soil depends upon a variety of factors. NRCS has developed the following Soil Health materials as lessons for teachers to integrate into their soils curriculum.  YouTube videos supplement this curricula. 

Suggested South Dakota Education Standards

South Dakota Soil Health Curriculum Fact Sheet (PDF, 4 MB)
K-5 curriculum

Physical Soil Properties

Soil Health Primer Table of Contents (DOCX, 4 KB)

Components and Physical Properties of Soil PowerPoint (PPT)

Components and Physical Properties of Soil Curriculum (PDF, 1146 KB)

Soil Glue Lesson Plan (PDF)

Soil Organic Matter

Soil Organic Matter PowerPoint (PPT)

Soil Organic Matter Curriculum (PDF, 1179 KB)

Soil Organic Matter Guide (PDF)

Soil Texture

Using the Soil Textural Triangle (PDX, 1742 KB)

Texture Feel Decision Tree (PDF)

Soil Moisture

Estimating Soil Moisture by Feel and Appearance PowerPoint (PPT)

Estimating Soil Moisture by Feel and Appearance Curriculum (PDF, 1149KB)

Estimating Soil Moisture by Guide (PDF)

Soil Quality

Measuring Soil Quality PowerPoint (PPT)

Soil Quality Measurement Curriculum (PDF, 11125 KB)

Soil Quality Guide (PDF)

Soil Quality Bucket Checklist (PDF)

Soil Bulk Density

Soil Bulk Density PowerPoint (PPT)

Soil Bulk Density Curriculum (PDF, 1146 KB)

Soil Respiration

Soil Respiration PowerPoint (PPT)

Soil Respiration Curriculum (PDF, 1121 KB)

Soil Respiration Guide (PDF)

Soil Electrical Conductivity

Soil Electrical Conductivity PowerPoint (PPT)

Soil Electrical Conductivity Curriculum (PDF, 1100 KB)

Soil Electrical Conductivity Guide (PDF)

Web Soil Survey

Web Soil Survey Curriculum (PDF, 1417 KB)

Soil pH

Soil pH PowerPoint (PPT)

Soil pH Effects Curriculum (PDF, 1412 KB)

Soil pH Guide (PDF)

Soil Nitrogen

Soil Nitrogen PowerPoint (PPT)

Soil Nitrogen Curriculum (PDF, 1435 KB)

Soil Nitrogen Guide (PDF)

Soil Phosphorus

Soil Phosphorus PowerPoint (PPT)

Soil Phosphorus Curriculum (PDF, 1531 KB)

Soil Phosphorus Guide (PDF)

Soil Infiltration - In field Ring

Soil Infiltration PowerPoint (PPT)

Soil Infiltration Curriculum (PDF, 1073 KB)

Soil Infiltration Guide (PDF)

Soil Infiltration - Tabletop

Soil Health Academy PowerPoint (PPT)

Rainfall Simulator Lesson Plan (PDF, 1098 KB)

Expo-Desktop Rainfall Simulator Instructor Guide (PDF)



Soil Science Capstone Activity (PDF, 1021 KB)

Scientific Methods (PDF, 1030 KB) 

Soil Aggregrates Activity (PDF; 2,058 KB)

"Edible Infiltration" Healthy Soil Activity (PDF; 3,074 KB)

Appendix-Sponsors (PDF, 859 KB)


Soil Health Related Fact Sheets, Brochures and Technical Notes

Agronomy Technical Note No. 15 - Saline and Sodic Soil Management  (PDF; 108 KB)

Agronomy Technical Note No. 16 - Cover Crop Technology in South Dakota (PDF; 138 KB)

The Biology of Soil Compaction (PDF; 708 KB)

The Power Behind Crop Rotation - Crop Rotations, The Lost Art (PDF; 485 KB)

Rangeland Soil Health; SD Fact Sheet (SD-FS-85e) (PDF; 516 KB)

Cropping Systems in South Dakota - A 2013 Inventory and Review (PDF; 3.7 MB)

Cover Crop Species Selection for Crop Production; SD Fact Sheet (SD-FS-55) (PDF; 168 KB)

Cover Crop Species Selection for Grazing; SD Fact Sheet (SD-FS-56) (PDF; 148 KB)

Rangeland Soil Health - Infiltration; SD Fact Sheet (SD-FS-85a) (PDF; 162 KB)

Rangeland Soil Health - Soil Biota; Sd Fact Sheet (SD-FS-85b) (PDF; 181 KB)

Rangeland Soil Health - Aggregate Stability; SD Fact Sheet (SD-FS-85c) (PDF; 158 KB)

Rangeland Soil Health - Organic Matter; SD Fact Sheet (SD-FS-85d) (PDF; 195 KB)

The Value of Soil health; SD Fact Sheet (SD-FS-90) (PDF; 287 KB)

The Economics of Managing Crop Residue (PDF; 3.9 MB)

Infiltration Information

Assessing Rangeland Health (PDF)

Predicted Infiltration Rates for Cropland (PDF)

Rangeland Plant Community – Management Scale (PDF)

Predicting Infiltration rates for Grazing lands and Cropland (PDF)

Single Ring Infiltration Instructions for South Dakota (PDF)