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Collaborative Conservation Grant (CCG) for South Dakota

FY2018 South Dakota CCGA Announcement (PDF)

Due Date: 5:00 CST April 13, 2018


Website for submitting an RFP: (key word search NRCS South Dakota)


CCGA encourages collaboration in addressing some of South Dakota’s most pressing natural resource concerns. Projects may result in production and operational benefits as well. NRCS identifies potential projects for leveraging NRCS and partner resources to build conservation technical capacity to develop and implement effective project outcomes.


Successful CCGA proposals will address at least one of the following:

  1. Improve soil health in South Dakota.
  2. Improve water quality in South Dakota
  3. Provide habitat for local wildlife species of concern.
  4. Improve the environmental and economic performance of working agricultural lands in South Dakota.
  5. Assist communities and groups to build and strengthen local food projects that provide healthy food and economic opportunities. 

Emphasis will be placed on projects that:

  1. Build technical capacity of NRCS and partner field conservation employees.
  2. Build the capacity of local watershed groups to develop and implement effective projects.
  3. Leverage non-Federal and non-government resources to achieve positive natural resources conservation outcomes.

CCGA Proposal Resources

Proposals must be number 8½ “ x 11” white paper that has one-inch margins.  The text of the proposal must be typed in New Times Roman, no smaller than 12 font, and be single spaced.  The proposals must be divided into the following sections and are limited to the number of pages per section:

  1. Project Summary (1/2 page maximum)

  2. Introduction (1 page maximum)

  3. Needs Assessment (1 page maximum)

  4. Program Objectives (1 page maximum)

  5. Methods (1 page maximum)

  6. Budget Information (1 page maximum)

  7. Evaluation (1/2 page maximum)



Submission and Contact Information

Proposals must be mailed or submitted by e-mail to  No later than 5 p.m. EST April 13, 2018.

Contact Information

Denise Gauer (

(605) 352-1200