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Your Conservation Plan and Your Conservation Record

Conservation Records Cover The Conservation Records packet was developed by the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Oregon as a tool to help you achieve optimal productivity and sustainability on your farm or ranch through the conservation planning process.

Completing the Conservation Records packet and then developing a conservation plan are voluntary, proactive steps that you can take to organize information and make decisions regarding the NRCS conservation program opportunities available to assist in meeting your operational and conservation goals.

The Conservation Records packet, a series of worksheets, can help you document:
  • existing conservation work,
  • field operations,
  • crop rotations,
  • residue management,
  • grazing systems,
  • waste storage and handling,
  • nutrient applications,
  • irrigation systems, and more.

You can use the Conservation Records packet to record information about cropland, hayland, pastureland, rangeland, forestland, wildlife land, feedlot, and dairy operations - no matter what the size.

The Conservation Records packet is separated into six sections. The "Landowner Information" section applies to all operations and captures general information about the farm or ranch, the condition of the resources, and the land manager’s objectives.  All land managers should complete this section. The next five sections are categorized by specific land use and activity. Land managers will complete only the sections of the Conservation Records packet that pertain to their unique operations. Each section contains a number of worksheets to help organize the information. Each worksheet includes a completed example followed by a blank worksheet to fill out.

Download the Conservation Records

The Conservation Records files are fillable forms and require Adobe Acrobat.  (Click here to download Acrobat Reader.)

Those with the full version of Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or newer can save the file and maintain it as a working document.  Save each section as a separate file; if the files are combined into a single PDF, any entered data may be compromised.

Those who have Acrobat Reader and not the full version of Adobe Acrobat will be able to enter information, but will not be able to save the completed file in digital format. In this case, print the completed form and store the hard copy in a file or binder. Additional information can be entered by hand.

To complete the form: place the cursor in a blank box, click the mouse to activate the text tool, and type the appropriate information. At this time, the Conservation Records cannot be submitted electronically, so be sure to save a printed copy of completed Conservation Records in your files.

All land managers complete:
Landowner Information (PDF, 1.13 MB) -REVISED, August 2006

Complete only the sections pertaining to your operation:
Cropland Inventory (PDF, 538 KB) - REVISED, August 2006
Feedlot and Dairy Inventory (PDF, 775 KB) - REVISED, August 2006
Forest Land Inventory (PDF, 664 KB) - REVISED, August 2006
Grazed Land Inventory (PDF, 1.06 MB) - REVISED, August 2006
Irrigation System Description (PDF, 1.27 MB) - REVISED, August 2006